Selling Your Home at the Holidays!

As we approach the holiday season, it is a tempting time of year for sellers to consider taking their homes of the market for the holidays.  I'd like to share some great reasons to think otherwise.

While showing activity will likely be slowed, the quality of buyers looking for homes in the snow and cold of November and December is very good.  Prospects viewing properties in these months are rarely "tire kickers".  They are generally serious about their search and great prospective buyers for your home.

The temptation to "take a rest" is not yours alone.  Many sellers will take their homes off the market temporarily, while new sellers will wait until January to list.  This means you will have more exposure and less competition now than any other time of the year.   

Finally, most homes sparkle brightest at this time of year.  Check back in coming days for tips on Staging your Home at the Holidays.  The right touches will make your home the perfect gift for holiday buyers, and will help you find a contract in your stocking this Christmas morning.